ingresso della trattoria da Pietro al Pantheon

Sneaking in a side street near the Pantheon, in the heart of the eternal city , our restaurant will turn your curiosity at the mere sight of truffles, artichokes and tempting dishes displayed on the outdoor tables.
A peek inside and the soft environment with candles and flowers on the tables , furnishings lived a very nice and old style that make it so special and romantic, to reassure you enter.
A growing of positive experiences in a small but very quaint , where he combines an excellent Jodaeo-Roman cuisine , courtesy and typical hospitality Capitoline , you intrattenerrà in taste in absolute peace and will never fail in amaze with its magical atmosphere.
And if you happen to have to wait a few minutes to get in, waiting for a table , you will be pampered from the start with a tasting of a good flute of prosecco and with so much courtesy and kindness typical of Garbini .
Do not miss this opportunity if you pass our part , we will be happy to share our hospitality and joviality to the enjoyment of an exciting and unforgettable experience

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Excellent high-quality dishes typical of the Judaeo-Roman culinary tradition, with a focus on seasonal ingredients, all served in portions quite generous.
By the typical "Jewish artichokes" crispy and delicious pie "cream puff," from "pasta with cheese and pepper" to the "suckling pig" perfectly cooked with a tasty combination of spices, from '"the lamb chops" to "cut homemade porcini mushrooms "with the tasty tomatoes" saltimbocca ", from the" bucatini all'amatriciana "to" noodles with truffles. "
I mean that in a unique delicacies delicacy and the other will make you feel obligated to at least try a bite tempted by their unique and unmistakable taste, not mancancando to wash it all down with a good selection of excellent homemade spirits or wine and cap off the meal with the tasty homemade treats or fresh seasonal fruit.