The Antica Trattoria is proud to offer the service of sale and delivery, nationally and internationally, of finest truffles that come directly from our quarrymen because that is the only way for you to be guaranteed to get truffles that are always fresh and of excellent quality.

Handled varieties:

Tartufo Bianco

Truffle "Bianco"

Outside it has a smooth surface yellow ocher or olive yellow. The inner flesh is yellowish white with brownish shades which vary depending on the maturity, on the type of soil and at the plant with which it lives in symbiosis. It smells particularly marked and particularly, cheese and garlic; the taste, may seem lightly spicy and slightly like that of the parmesan cheese.

Tartufo Bianchetto

Truffle "Bianchetto"

The peridium is smooth and the color can vary between white ocher and orange dark or very dark. Its gleba is initially whitish, then with aging takes on a reddish brown; veined rather large but sparse, branched, whitish which then turn brown, with the passage of time. The aroma is penetrating and reminds the garlic, and the flavor is not particularly pleasant, making it sometimes indigestible even after cooking.

Tartufo Nero Pregiato

Truffle "Nero Pregiato"

The peridium looks like a warty surface black, with small reddish patches if the product is immature. Its gleba is black-brown with slight whitish veins very dense. The fragrance is aromatic, not too pungent, and delicate flavor.

Tartufo Scorzone

Truffle "Scorzone"

The peridium presents a black color, with warts protruding, of large dimensions, which make typical. Its gleba is brown in color with numerous whitish veins, more or less subtle. The scent is gentler than other truffles blacks and flavor reminiscent of porcini mushrooms.

Tartufo Moscato

Truffle "Moscato"

The peridium is black with faint warts low and flattened. Its gleba is gray-brown with white veins that often centralize in a single point, forming patches. The scent is strong and penetrating like the moss and the taste is spicy and sharp, particularly fine.

Tartufo Uncinato

Truffle "Uncinato"

It's very similar to "Scorzone" tuffle but has warts less large, the glebe is much darker, the scent is strong and pleasant and the flavor more pronounced.

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